ORF Cloning Vectors

The same ORF insert in multiple context for diverse applications

All TrueORF inserts are housed in a pCMV6-Entry vector and can be easily shuttled via PrecisonShuttle, a simple 'cut-and-paste' procedure, into any of the destination vectors. With the wide selection of destination vectors, TrueORF clones are ready-to-use for many downstream protein studies.

The destination vectors offers choices of:

  • Epitope tags for protein purification detection
  • Fluorescent protein tags for protein visualization
  • Various drug marker for stable line establishment
  • E.coli expression vectors

Options of purchasing the vectors or requesting custom shuttling are available.

Entry Vector SKU C-Tag E. coli
pCMV6-Entry, mammalian vector with C-terminal Myc- DDK Tag, 10ug PS100001 Myc-DDK Kanamycin Neomycin Mammalian
pCMV6-Entry2, mammalian vector with C-terminal Myc-DDK tag, 10ug PS100063 Myc-DDK Kanamycin Neomycin Mammalian

The vectors could be ordered as:

Lentiviral Vectors

OriGene now offers multiple Lentiviral vectors. Easy shuttling of TrueORF insert. Click the Lentiviral tab below

Epitope tagging

FP tagging

TrueORF Photo gallery of the fluorescent-tagged proteins generated by OriGene with TrueORF clones

Selection markers

Lenti / AAV

Transgene Insertion via CRISPR

Bacterial expression

The new E.coli destination vectors expand the utility of 37,000 TrueORF clones for protein production in bacteria.
Expression Validation Product Manual

Peptide sequence of the DDK-tag (Flag®): N-DYKDDDDK-C
Flag® is a registered trademark of Sigma-Aldrich